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The California State Consortium for Adult Education (CSCAE) assists members of the media who report on adult education issues and California Adult School programs. Following is some general information that may help you contact appropriate sources for your stories and obtain the information you need.


If you are writing about a specific school or agency you can contact that school directly. Use the school locator map and the online directory to obtain contact information. Street address, phone number, website address, and email address are provided. 


 For background information and assistance in locating appropriate sources contact:

  • Nikki Goth Itoi, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


General information for Reporting

More than 300 K-12 school districts in the state offer instruction for adults. 


Each school has a director and/or principal. In some large districts the lead adult education administrator may also be the district’s assistant or associate superintendent for adult education. Large districts may also have multiple instructional sites or schools, each with a different principal reporting to the district’s director of adult education. Some larger districts may have a communication coordinator whose duties include press relations.


It is recommended that your initial contact at any school be the lead administrator, the director or principal. Adult schools usually assign an administrator, often called a coordinator, to supervise the various instructional categories such as: English as a Second Language (ESL), High School Diploma, Citizenship, Adult Basic Education (ABE), and Career or Job Training. In smaller schools, an administrator may be responsible for more than one program.


Most adult school teachers and administrators do not routinely deal with the press and are not media savvy. When interviewing them, we suggest that you explain the purpose of your story, the difference between attribution and background, and what role the adult school teacher or administrator will play in the published story. If you intend to quote that person please say so and be specific about how you intend to use the information provided.


In pursuing your story you may wish to contact sources in agencies and professional organizations affiliated with California Adult Schools:


Support Agencies:

Professional Organizations: