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Certified Nurse's Assistant

In 2002, Martha De Hoban Fernandez came to Bakersfield Adult School, a recent immigrant from Columbia. Martha had begun her studies in her home country and she enrolled in the Bakersfield High School Diploma program.


After completing the requirements for her diploma, she transitioned into the adult school’s Nursing Assistant program. After completing the courses to become a Certified Nurse's Assistant, Martha completed the prerequisites for the Bakersfield Vocational Nurse program and graduated this past summer. She is currently working in the medical field at Kern Medical Center and is planning to transition into postsecondary studies. Martha is just one of the many students who have benefited from a successful transitional program at Bakersfield Adult School. Called Movin’ On Up: Transitions to the Next Step, the program assists students in understanding the educational, personal, and workforce development options available to them through the adult school and in the surrounding community. The program includes:

    •    Pre-placement assessments
    •    Academic counseling
    •    Articulation among the program areas
    •    Community partnership activities such as

    ?    Community advisory council
    ?    Community resource fair
    ?    Speakers bureau

    •    Career day
    •    Job shadowing
    •    Field trips to the local community college
    •    Level 6 ESL class
    •    Visits to other program area classrooms
    •    Career technical education demonstrations

The transitions program was developed and has evolved with input from all stakeholders, including administration, teachers, students, and community partners. Emphasis on communicating the needs of students to staff has helped the program succeed.  

Bakersfield has experienced much success with the Movin’ On Up transitions program. For the first half of the 2008-2009 school year, more than 1,000 students benefited from the efforts of staff and community partners in transitioning from one program to another:
    •    English as a Second Language (ESL) to Adult Basic Education (ABE): 17 students
    •    ESL to High School Diploma (HSD): 52 students
    •    ABE to GED: 181 students
    •    ABE to HSD: 50
    •    ABE to Career Technical Education (CTE): 99 students
    •    GED to Career Technical Education (CTE): 68 students
    •    ESL to CTE: 54 students

In addition, 456 students completed CTE courses and then continued their studies at Bakersfield Community College, while 138 students became United States citizens.  

Bakersfield Adult School’s efforts to partner at the national, state, and local levels have helped jobseekers transition to enhanced educational opportunities while creating career pathways and strategic workforce solutions.  

“Our students are more aware of opportunities and requirements for transitioning at our school,” says Susan Handy, principal, Bakersfield Adult School. “We believe that educating a student will affect the whole family and community, providing lifelong learning experiences.”