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Graduation 2014 Brought Inspiring Stories  

During the just-completed 2014 graduation season a variety of news outlets highlighted and celebrated the accomplishments of California Adult School graduates.


It is a difficult time for adult education, but despite the funding cuts, the organizational changes, and the ongoing legislative battles, many news outlets took the opportunity to celebrate the heart of adult education--the students. Many of these students have overcome significant hardships to graduate with their diplomas; some are single parents, some have immigrated to the United States without knowing any English, one is even a retired 79-year-old who never had the opportunity to earn her diploma until now (read about her here).


What these stories all convey is that adult education in California continues to produce successful students, all of whom have chosen to complete their education for an improved quality of life. It’s crucial to keep stories like these in mind during this time of uncertainty for adult education, and to use them as impetus to continue advocating for these programs.


The following publications have featured articles on this year’s class of graduates::


The Oroville MR News


The Burbank Leader


The Porterville Recorder


The Manteca Bulletin


The Napa Valley Register


The Redlands Daily Facts