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L.A. Family Literacy Program Fights to Survive

The Family Literacy Program, a successful and nationally-recognized program in the Los Angeles Unified School District will lose its funding at the end of this school year. The loss of the program is another blow to adult education, but a group of dedicated families, teachers, and their allies continues to work  tirelessly to save it.


The LAUSD Family Literacy Program has spent 12 years working toward greater literacy goals. The program is unique in educating low-income preschool students alongside their parents. The primary goal of the program is to give parents tools that will help reinforce their kids’ learning at home and in the community, ultimately leading to greater success in elementary school and beyond. Parents simultaneously gain invaluable language and communication skills.


The program currently serves about 300 parents and pre-K children at six sites around the district, and maintains an active waiting list. Parents and children who have successfully gone through the program have demonstrated tangible positive results. Until now, First 5 has funded the program, but has ended its funding commitment this year. The LAUSD budget leaves no room for programs such as these.


The loss of the Family Literacy Program is yet another blow to California Adult Education. It is yet another legislative casualty for our California education system. While the bureaucracy is at work and districts navigate the new complications of forming consortia and balancing adult education with community college goals, small programs such as this one continue to slip through the cracks. These are the programs that change individual lives on a truly personal and incalculable scale, and the adult education community must continue to fight for them.


A group of families, teachers, and allies has formed to try to save the program. Read more on the Alliance for Califonia Adult Schools blog.


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