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California Adult Schools: Learning for Life

Do you need a job? Do you need a better job? Has the lack of a high school diploma or GED certificate held you back? We can help.

Through a vast array of programs and courses, most of them offered free or at very low cost, California Adult Schools assist all adults—including parents, older adults, disabled adults, and recent immigrants—deal with the complexities of life in California. Our system of nearly 400 schools makes it convenient and affordable for all students to reach their educational, training, career and personal goals.

School Spotlight

Student Advocates Can be Crucial in Saving Adult Education

An insightful article recently published by The Daily Journal sheds light on just how important student advocacy is in the process of saving Adult Education in California. This is especially pertinent in anticipation of the upcoming Legislative Day.


School Spotlight

Adult Education Strategic Plan Moves Forward

Debra Jones, Administrator of the Adult Education Office in the California Department of Education, gave an update on the Adult Education Strategic Plan at last month’s ACSA conference. A draft of the plan was posted to the OTAN site on October 13 (69 pages in PDF format), and practitioners had an opportunity to share comments with the authors until November 5.  During this third phase of development, the final version of the Strategic Plan will be prepared for publication.